October 01, 2017

Spring Fish Sale

From n/a to n/a

The DeWitt County Soil & Water Conservation District is
conducting our spring fish sale ending on Thursday, October 3rd at
3:00pm. Grass carp need to be ordered by Thursday, September
28th, 2017.
Available varieties are grass carp, channel catfish, hybrid sunfish, large
mouth bass, bluegill, standard redear, black crappie and fathead
minnows all at various sizes. The fish will be delivered for pick up on
Thursday, October 12th, 2017 at 1:00 PM at the District Office. The
District offers this sale as a service to make fish available in smaller
quantities for pond stocking not normally available to the public. If
interested in ordering any fish or need information about your pond,
You can now find us several ways!!! You can like us on Facebook
@dewittcountysoilandwater, stop by the SWCD Office in Clinton (5920
Revere Road), visit our website at, where
we now have a printable form or call 217-935- 2181, ext. 3.