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Deer open archery season opened this past weekend.

Hunters head out for what is sure to be a busy hunting season in central Illinois. Department of Natural Resources Conservation Police Officer Ray Wichus says over the past 15 years they have seen a large increase in the number of open archery hunters.

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Even though you can get as many permits as you want, Wichus reminds hunters they are allowed only two bucks per year. He specifies any deer with antlers over 3 inches is considered a buck.

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Wichus says his officers get a lot of calls about hunters hunting on private property. Wichus encourages them to talk with the owners of the property and work things out to eliminate problems in the future.

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Wichus reminds hunters of the new "Purple Paint" law. Land owners can now mark their property with purple paint on the trees as a "No Trespassing" notice. He reminds hunters observe those and be aware of private property vs public property.

Authorities also remind hunters to know what they are shooting at through the season as October weather will still allow for others to be out walking.

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