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Local producers in DeWitt County have the opportunity to help with a good cause as they harvest today without leaving the fields.

The Young Leaders Committee at the Illinois Farm Bureau will be out and about today asking farmers for grain donations as part of their 2nd annual Harvest for DeWitt County Event. Coordinator of the event and chair of the Young Leaders Committee, John Klemm explains they will be driving around the farms of DeWitt County today with a small wagon collecting whatever farmers can give to give back to the local food pantries.

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Last year, the Young Leaders were able to collect over 36-hundred dollars of donated grain. Klemm says taking those donations to the local pantries was the best part of the whole experience.

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Klemm explains he was unsure of the reaction he would get from local producers, especially when asking for a farmer's grain, but he received a great response from those he was able to reach, the first year of the drive.

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Klemm says they will be out with two wagons this year looking to collect for local pantries once again. He adds they will try to get to the whole county for farmers that are looking forward to giving, however, he does give a couple of options to producers to donate.

Should they not get approached today, Klemm says producers can transfer part of their grain out of their elevator to the ADM Grain Facilities around DeWitt County to the Young Leaders Committee at the Illinois Farm Bureau. Setting up an appointment with Klemm may be difficult but he asks that producers that want to donate that have not been approached to reach him at 217-737-6881.

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