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The upcoming Fall Veto session will have many items on the agena, including state layoffs and budget cuts.

Downstate legislators are greatly frustrated with the decisions made by Governor Pat Quinn and his cabinet concerning the budget and jobs.  Illinois Representative Chapin Rose does not deny legislators did not leave enough money in the budget for state employees union member's raises, but he says Governor then cut funding to things such as the developmentally disabled and the Regional Superintendents.

[audio:quinnlayoffs1.mp3]Word from Rose[/audio]

Rep. Rose does not believe it is a partisan issue when it comes to state employees receiving raises. He criticizes Quinn cutting funds from the developmentally disabled to pay for a "sweetheart deal".

[audio:quinnlayoffs2.mp3]Word from Rose[/audio]

Rep. Rose calls the Governors promises of raises to AFCSME members uncalled for considering right now the state is facing a backlog of unpaid bills and a massive deficit.

[audio:quinnlayoffs3.mp3]Word from Rose[/audio]

During the fall veto session, lawmakers will work to reinstate funding to the Regional Superintendents and also to fight to keep 7 state facilities open and save nearly two-thousand jobs. Rep. Rose says it will not be an easy battle trying to deny members of AFSCME their promised pay raises.

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