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The clean up of the old gas factory in the City of Clinton is bringing up issues involving the Clinton Landfill.

The excavation process is bring up Manufactured Gas Plants(MGP) that will be stored at the Clinton Landfill. Clinton resident, Terry Hoffman, asked the DeWitt County Board's Land Use Committee why they were allowing the elements to be stored at the landfill when they are, according to Hoffman, illegal to the site.

[audio:mgp1.mp3]Word from Hoffman[/audio]

Hoffman also asked the committee to bring in several outside experts to analyze the landfill and where they are storing the hazardous wastes. He believes the Committee and Board need to use common sense and not allow the MGP's to be stored at the landfill.

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The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency has ruled that MGP's are not considered hazard waste, despite the fact they contain hazard materials. Both Hoffman and Land Use Committee Chair Terry Ferguson believe it is a contradiction, but Ferguson says there is nothing to enforce because the law is they are not MGP's and are not considered hazardous by law.

[audio:mgp3.mp3]Word from Ferguson[/audio]

The Land Use Committee also discussed the possibility of bringing in a county inspector for the landfill, however, according to members, that is something that would take some time before any action would be taken.

In other action at the Committee's meeting, Monica DeGrawe was appointed to the Regional Planning Committee.

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