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The Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington is ready to move forward with a plan that will bring about several upgrades over the next several years.

After getting approval from the City Council, the zoo's superintendent, Jay Tetzloff explains part of the plan if for the zoo to become more self-sufficient and not rely on as many tax dollars. He hopes to make changes that will not only affect Bloomington, but central Illinois as a whole.

[audio:masterplan1.mp3]Word from Tetzloff[/audio]

There are several projects in the works for raising revenues for the zoo. He says one of the major focuses for the zoo is food facilities. He hopes to incorporate concession stands in hopes of having guests stay longer and stay engaged with the zoo.

[audio:masterplan2.mp3]Word from Tetzloff[/audio]

There may also be a plan to expand the space the zoo occupies as well as adding more animals. According to Tetzloff, expanding the property may also be a likely possibilty as the zoo does not have a lot of space, and they do have a large number of animals.

[audio:masterplan3.mp3]Word from Tetzloff[/audio]

Tetzloff also would like to incorporate farm animals to the zoo in order to give city dwellers an appreciation for the surrounding farmland.

There are several upcoming events at the zoo, to learn more about them you can visit www.millerparkzoo.org, you can also find them on Facebook.

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