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The Peace Court Project in Clinton continues it's path to restoration and completion.

The Park has recently seen a couple of nice upgrades to the area. The most recent is the addition of a couple of water fountains. The Clinton High School Class of 1973 is in charge of the restoration project, and part of that class is Cris Rogers, he says the men of the group put up over nine tons of rock for the electric fountains. He says once electricity is wired to the park, the fountains will work.

[audio:peacepark1.mp3]Word from Rogers[/audio]

The Class of 1973 was hopeful to have the project complete prior to the Apple and Pork Festival, however, thanks to an incredibly hot summer, the project has been stalled, and Rogers is hopeful things can be complete for a park opening of next spring.

[audio:peacepark2.mp3]Word from Rogers[/audio]

Already operating on a limited budget, the Peace Park restoration project has been very reliant on donations. Rogers believes it is with the generous donations of the residents of Clinton the restoration continues moving forward. He adds it is not always about needing money, many times they just need supplies that many people have excess or used sitting around taking up space that the Class of 73 would find great value in.

[audio:peacepark3.mp3]Word from Rogers[/audio]

Rogers says eventually it will be a walkable park with a playable roque court. Rogers believes roque is anything but a dead sport. He says the Class of 73 has collected many items to play from various sources and they even have a rule book. He adds there are local residents who know the rules and how to play the game of roque.

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