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One local family will be receiving a great gift this weekend.

DeWitt County Habitat for Humanity will be christening a home for a local family this weekend. The home was completed earlier this week and is now ready for a move in date this Sunday. President of the DeWitt County Habitat for Humanity Delmar Sandage says they tried something different this year. He says instead of building a bigger home, they built a basement under it, which was more cost effective.

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This will be the 11th home Habitat has built. Sandage stresses the family that will be acquiring the home must put in quite a bit of work in order to move in. He feels them helping with the construction gives them a greater appreciation for what they will have.

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Since Habitat For Humanity is a volunteer organization, the houses would not be completed without the help of willing people throughout the community. Sandage believes the community support they receive in building houses is a tribute to the great place Clinton is.

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The house is located at 910 West Clay in Clinton. The house christening will take place at 2 pm Sunday afternoon. Board members for Habitat for Humanity will be present, the family will be there and the house will also be open to walk through and see.

For more information about Habitat for Humanity, you can stop by their location Saturday mornings at 401 Washington Street, which is the Habitat Re-Store for DeWitt County.

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