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The Clinton Maroons traveled to Decatur to face off against the St. Teresa Bulldogs this evening. The Maroons coming off of a big win over the Shelbyville Rams last Friday night, and the Bulldogs coming off of their first defeat by the Tolono Unity Rockets. Clinton came out and, early on, took a 3-0 lead over the Bulldogs. However, St. Teresa came back at them harder and managed to take control of the game from that point. The Maroons held a strong defense against the Bulldogs but they proved too inconsistent against their fast offense. Joyner had over 200 yards tonight and once again was a major contributor to St. Teresa tonight. The Maroons were led by Nathan Clark who had 8 carries for a total of 27 yards. The Bulldogs got the victory this evening with a final score of 41-9. They move to 6-1 in the season and the Maroons move to 2-5. Tune in again Friday night at 7 PM for more Maroons action right here on WHOW as they take on the Tolono Unity Rockets.

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