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With the fall veto session right around the corner for lawmakers, the session is sure to be intense with many issues at the fore-front.

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Michael Madigan has recently spoke out and said he is going to side with Governor Pat Quinn on a couple of his vetoes, however, now lawmakers face deciding which veto to uphold between the transportation funds being restored or closing state facilities and laying off workers. Representative Chapin Rose says the governor has put them in a tough situation.

[audio:vetosession1.mp3]Word from Madigan[/audio]

Rep. Rose says for many years state facilities for the developmentally disabled have had a need to close down because it costs almost twice as much to have people in a state facility rather than a local facility. And also, the local setting is a better place for a person to achieve their full potential. Rose says despite the need for state facilities to close, a plan needs to be behind it.

[audio:vetosession2.mp3]Word from Madigan[/audio]

The governor is planning on closing a couple of prison facilities as well. Representative Bill Mitchell says closing prisons is not a good idea because there are already overcrowding issues happening.

[audio:vetosession3.mp3]Word from Madigan[/audio]

With Speaker Madigan's statements about supporting the governor's vetoes, according to Rose, the governor then said he would keep the facilities open, but would need $8-billion in borrowed money. Rose feels the governor may be overplaying his hand. He speculates the facilities will stay open, however, that would mean the transportation cuts would stand.

Legislators re-convene later this month.

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