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The Dr. John Warner Hospital has a referral program that has really taken off.

The "Sleep Study" program at the city-owned hospital will now be a program that patients can take advantage of from the comfort of their own home. CEO of the DJWH Earl Sheehy says patients will receive a device that monitors in 12 hour cycles, they wear it overnight, and bring it back to the hospital for study.

[audio:sleepstudy1.mp3]A Word From Sheehy[/audio]

The "Sleep Study" program has seen a good response since its inception a short while ago,  however, one issue they may with the addition to the program will be insurance issues. Sheehy says it will be possible some insurance companies will only cover a sleep study if the patient stays in the hospital.

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According to Sheehy, the response has been good enough to keep their staff busy, however, having just one staff makes coordinating days off difficult, so his hope the home portion of the program will help with that scheduling conflict.

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The sleep study program is a referral program, so anyone interested in it needs to consult with their physician to be enrolled. The new home program is a one night program.

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