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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

DeWitt County DOVE is taking this week to raise awareness for those being effected, or who have been effected by domestic violence. Cathy Briggs, Domestic Violence Program Coordinator of DeWitt County DOVE says domestic violence does not have any boundaries. Anyone of any class, gender, or age can be effected by domestic violence.

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As a part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, DeWitt County DOVE has a couple of programs this week aimed at recognizing those effected by domestic violence and raising awareness. This evening, there will be a candle lighting ceremony at the First Nazarene Church. Candles will be lit to honor those who have passed on because of domestic violence and Briggs hopes following the ceremony, those who attend will stick around for a community discussion.

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DOVE will also be hosting a simulation event, "In Her Shoes", Tuesday and Wednesday. People can come out and go through what it is like to be a domestic violence victim and make the choices  they are forced to make every day. Briggs says it can really shed some light into what a victim of domestic violence goes through.

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"In Her Shoes" will take place Tuesday at 3 pm and Wednesday at 11 am at St. John's Catholic Church in Clinton. Briggs says anyone is welcome to attend these no cost events, not just DeWitt County residents.

For more information about these events, you can contact Cathy Briggs at 935-6619.DD

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