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The Downtown Clinton Square will see another face-lift in the coming months.

In each of the corners of the square, there are three trees that are planted. Over the past several months, there have been store owners on the square concerned over the trees blocking their storefronts. Steve Lobb Public Works Director for the City of Clinton gave a presentation to the Clinton City Council on behalf of John Baker, the Chairmen of the Clinton Tree Board, and the Board began finding the best possible solution to benefit the vegetation and also the businesses on the square.

[audio:downtowntrees1.mp3]A Word From Lobb[/audio]

The business owners on the square want the two trees out in front of their fronts removed for better visibility, however, the Tree Board was hoping to find a way to make the businesses more visible without removing the trees, as their goal is to preserve and promote tree vegetation and growth. Lobb says the decision was not easy but it was ultimately made to remove the two front trees to allow for better visibility to the businesses.

[audio:downtowntrees2.mp3]A Word From Lobb[/audio]

According to Lobb, the hardest part of the Tree Board's decision was finding a way to remove the trees without completely destroying them. However because of many factors, the biggest being potential damage to underground lines such as water, gas, or sewer, so the trees will be removed and destroyed.

[audio:downtowntrees3.mp3]A Word From Lobb[/audio]

The hope is to have the trees removed in time for the City's Christmas Parade.

In other news from the Clinton City Council Meeting Monday evening...

>The City approved the purchase of a new 2012 Chevy Malibu for City Administrator Tim Followell at a cost of just over $16-thousand.

>The Council approved the City of Clinton's share of the Radio Band Compliance purchase through CENCOM at a cost of just under $48-thousand.

> The Council approved the bid of J & S Roofing to Re-Roof the Salt Storage Building  for the Street Department at a cost of just over $12-hundred.

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