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The ongoing dispute between the State of Illinois and Regional Superintendents of Schools was a main topic of discussion for the DeWitt County Board Thursday night.

The full County Board voted 10 to 2 Thursday to approve a resolution allowing the Regional Superintendent and his assistant to be paid from local enterprise funds.  The officials have been working without pay since July due to the state's ongoing financial issues.  DeWitt County joins McLean and Livingston Counties in approving the measure for the local Regional Office of Education.

Regional Superintendent of Schools Mark Jontry explains the money being discussed comes from continuing education and alternative school funding.  He says the cost of the two salaries will not impact any programs currently offered by the R-O-E.

[audio:countysupers1.mp3]Word from Jontry[/audio]

According to Jontry, several other R-O-E's are looking into similar funding sources while debate on the issue continues in Springfield.  However, he says some of the Regional Offices are not as fortunate, and are looking to county governments for assistance.

[audio:countysupers2.mp3]Word from Jontry[/audio]

DeWitt County Finance Committee Chair Ed Young notes the Jontry's office was not required to approach the counties for their approval, and commends them for doing so.

[audio:countysupers3.mp3]Word from Young[/audio]

In other business Thursday night, the DeWitt County Board...
> voted unanimously to approve the 2012 Holiday list for county employees; giving county workers 13 days off next year.

> also approved by an 11 to 1 vote an additional personal day for county employees.  The third personal day is in exchange for all county offices to now be required to be open during the noon hour to better serve the public.

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