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Ameren and ComEd customers can expect to pay an additional three dollars a month in electric costs.  State senator Mike Jacobs says he's confident lawmakers will override Governor Quinn's veto on the Smart Grid bill.

[audio:rddJacobsSG1.mp3]A Word From Sen Jacobs[/audio]

Senator Jacobs says Governor Quinn can't expect the utility companies to improve service if he doesn't allow them to upgrade their infrastructure.

[audio:rddJacobsSG2.mp3]A Word From Sen Jacobs[/audio]

Senator Jacobs adds the monthly fees will be offset with annual savings.

[audio:rddJacobsSG3.mp3]A Word From Sen Jacobs[/audio]

The Smart Gird legislation is expected to be one of the hottest issues at veto session this week.  Lawmakers will be back in Springfield tomorrow to deal with this and other issues, including regional superintendent pay and coming up with a plan to avert Quinn's proposal to shut down seven state facilities.

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