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The Illinois High School Association ruled early last week dance will be an official IHSA sport.

Principal of Clinton High School Ron Connor had a lot to do with that decision. Connor is a member of the Board of Directors for the IHSA. He explains he it took a while for the process to work itself out, but it finally came about last week.

[audio:dancesport1.mp3]A Word From Principal Connor[/audio]

The Clinton dance squad has had a lot of success in the past, and according to Connor, he felt watching the teams that worked hard deserved to be recognized, just as athletes in other sports do.

[audio:dancesport2.mp3]A Word From Principal Connor[/audio]

Connor hopes to see the different events take place throughout the year for the different teams. He feels a format similar to wrestling would work, with post-season competitions.

[audio:dancesport3.mp3]A Word From Principal Connor[/audio]

Next season will be the inaugural year for dance as an IHSA sport, with the first official state competition for dance squads to take place next winter.

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