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The Blue Ridge School District's Agriculture program recently received some funds that will boost their program.

Farmer City resident George Dunn recently passed away, and as a part of his memorial fund, the Dunn family donated some of those funds to the Agriculture program of Blue Ridge. Superintendent of Blue Ridge Schools Susan Wilson explains the portion of the funds will be used for a $500 scholarship and also to help in other aspects of the program.

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The funds will go to support an already strong ag program at Blue Ridge High School. With three farming communities feeding into Blue Ridge High, Wilson says it is not surprise the program is as strong as it is. She adds many times, students will go on to enjoy different successes at many levels.

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The program remains strong year after year thanks to the students at the high school level reaching out to the younger kids at the various grade schools in the Blue Ridge District. Wilson explains there are several different events throughout the school year the FFA Students use to promote agriculture to the younger students.

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The Dunn family made a $1330 contribution to the Blue Ridge Ag program. The rest of the funds will be used to renovate the awards display of the Ag program. The district is very grateful for the support of the Dunn Family.

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