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A recent one day drive for a local cause was successful in DeWitt County.

The recent Harvest Food Drive through the Young Leaders of DeWitt County through the Illinois Farm Bureau took place. This year, the operation was able to expand after a learning inaugural drive last year, according to Chair of the Young Leaders of DeWitt County, John Klemm.

[audio:driveresults1.mp3]A Word From Klemm[/audio]

According to Klemm, this year, he was able to cover more of the county than last year. He feels not having any prior contact with the farmers makes things a little more uncertain when they head out of the day.

[audio:driveresults2.mp3]A Word From Klemm[/audio]

Klemm explains the drive is focused on the farmers of DeWitt County. He says the program once again has been well received and thanks those who were willing to sacrifice portions of their crop.

[audio:driveresults3.mp3]A Word From Klemm[/audio]

The drive this year raised over $43-hundred. Most of the crop this year was soybeans, which took in close to $35-hundred, they raised over $750 in corn, and received over $100 in cash donations. The donations go to various food pantries throughout DeWitt County to help continuing helping those in the community.

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