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An every other year exercise for DeWitt County's emergency services will take place next week.

Over the past several weeks, emergency crews across the county along with different entities have been engaging in exercises that will take place next Wednesday in preparation for situations involving the nuclear power plant. Teresa Barnett Hall, DeWitt County's Emergency Management Coordinator explains the preparations are gearing up for a large exercise to take place next week.

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Hall explains the exercise consists of all the agencies that would respond should the situation be a reality. The goal of the training is to make sure all the responders are prepared for any situations that could potentially arise.

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Throughout the exercises, responders will be observed by FEMA. Tony Harris is DeWitt County's 911 Manager at the DeWitt County Sheriff's Department, he says having exercises like these are a big help to emergency services because they can then find areas where they need to improve.

[audio:trainingexercise3.mp3]A Words From Harris[/audio]

The exercise that will include all those that have been preparing will take place next Wednesday. Responders have been preparing the past month for the exercise and they will not know when they will be called, or what type of emergency they will respond to.

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