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The DeWitt County Board recently approved some adjustments in the public office hours of operations.

County offices will work through the noon hour to allow the public better access to the County offices during the average working persons lunch time. Finance Chair Ed Young explains, in exchange for an additional personal day, giving them 3 personal days.

[audio:personnelpolicy1.mp3]A Word From Young[/audio]

Young believes the trade off will be worth it for the public. He feels since the jobs of those in the offices of Circuit Clerk, Probation, State's Attorney and Public Defender is to serve the public, it will make it more accommodating to them to be there during the noon hour. The offices hours will remain the same, open from 8:30 - 4:30.

[audio:personnelpolicy2.mp3]A Word From Young[/audio]

The County Board approved the personnel policy change. Sherri Brown was the lone "No" in the 11-1 vote. The changes go into effect November 1.

The Board also approved the 2012 Holiday list for DeWitt County employees, which will be the same for union and non-union employees.

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