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Residents in the Lincoln and Logan County area are encouraged to attend a public hearing this evening on the potential closing of the Logan County Correctional Center.

The Commission of Governmental Forecasting and Accountability (COGFA) is made up of twelve legislators, six republicans and six democrats, who are charged with holding hearings for each of the locations. Lincoln Mayor Keith Snyder is encouraging those who attend to wear red to show support for the facility and the community.

[audio:lincolnhearing4.mp3]A Word From Mayor Snyder[/audio]

The state hired the University of Illinois to do an economic impact study, and according to Snyder, closing the Logan County Correctional Center would have the largest impact on the local economy than any other of the seven facilities across the state that Governor Pat Quinn has proposed closing.

[audio:lincolnhearing5.mp3]A Word From Mayor Snyder[/audio]

Mayor Snyder points out that the Logan Correctional Center runs more efficiently than almost another center in the state. He explains, by moving inmates to other facilities, the cost per inmate is going to go up, which is a large contradiction to Governor Quinn's plan to close the facility to save money.

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The hearing gets underway this evening at 5 pm at Lincoln Christian University's Hargrove Chapel. Those that come out are not required to stay the whole time and anyone wanting to speak will be able to do so but will be limited in how long they can speak.

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