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Clinton High School was the host to a first time event that drew almost 100 people.

The High School's Auditorium was host to an athletic injuries clinic last week. Clinton High School Principle Ron Connor was instrumental in making the event possible. He feels making those who volunteer their time, or even those who are certified, better informed would go a long way in the healing process of injuries and injury prevention.

[audio:injuryprevention1.mp3]A Word From Principle Connor[/audio]

The event focused primarily on two injuries, which doctors well informed spoke about. Connor explains the first injury of focus was ACL. He feels this injury is becoming more common among young athletes today, which can be a very devastating injury.

[audio:injuryprevention2.mp3]A Word From Principle Connor[/audio]

Thanks to a friend Principle Connor has, those in attendance were treated to a lecture from a team physician from the St. Louis Cardinals. His lecture was on growth plate injuries, which was followed up with a discussion on concussions.

[audio:injuryprevention3.mp3]A Word From Principle Connor[/audio]

Coaches and trainers from several colleges and universities including Illinois Wesleyan and the University of Illinois were in attendance, along with several coaches from around the Okaw Valley Conference.

Connor thanks the work of those who helped make the event a success, and he hopes to make the conference an annual event that fills the Clinton High School Auditorium.

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