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Each year around this time, deer make their way out of hiding, and part of that includes crossing roads, sometimes reeking havoc on drivers.

DeWitt County is home to a very large population of deer in central Illinois, which means drivers need to be aware as they head out to county highways and country roads. DeWitt County Sheriff Jered Shofner says the threat a harmless deer can pose to a driver is very real. He asks drivers to be aware especially this time of the year.

[audio:deerseason1.mp3]A Word From Sheriff Shofner[/audio]

Motorists that hit a deer are the first to have a claim to it. Sheriff Shofner says in the past, many hit deer would go unclaimed, however, more recently deer have been getting claimed very quickly.

[audio:deerseason2.mp3]A Word From Sheriff Shofner[/audio]

Sheriff Shofner also notes as the fall season continues to progress, motorists and hunters may notice deer out during the day. He cautions motorists to be aware of those deer out during the daylight hours.













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