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The Dr. John Warner Hospital in Clinton will not be providing an ambulance service after December 31 of 2012.

The announcement was made Monday evening at the DJWH Board meeting. CEO of the city-owned hospital, Earl Sheehy says the decision was made now to allow the community where they want to go for the ambulance service, and also how to finance it. He notes the hospital cannot afford to continue to fund the ambulance service.

[audio:hospitalambulance1.mp3]A Word From CEO Sheehy[/audio]

The City has expressed interest in bringing another ambulance service. Sheehy believes there is a need for the service in Clinton and the hospital will continue to work to have that service, but a better way needs to be found to fund it than through the hospital.

[audio:hospitalambulance2.mp3]A Word From Sheehy[/audio]

Sheehy explains the problem is not with the hospital or the city, but the western half of DeWitt County because Farmer City currently has an agreement with Arrow Ambulance that covers the east side of the county to Route 48.  Sheehy says right now alternative options are currently being pursued as well.

[audio:hospitalambulance3.mp3]A Word From CEO Sheehy[/audio]

The ambulance service certainly is necessary for the city, however, the service does not generate a lot of revenue, so it will be difficult to find ways to pay for it.

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