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The DeWitt County Board has put their fiscal year 2012 budget on file for public viewing.

The Board met Thursday evening to approve putting the budget on file, per state statute. Ed Young, Committee Chair of the Finance Committee, explains the budget is on file for 30 days for public viewing, at the end of the 30 days, the Board will convene once again to take any questions, and then adopt the budget.

[audio:boardbudget1.mp3]A Word From Young[/audio]

Before the budget was approved to be put on file, Board member Sherri Brown moved to amend striking $35-thousand for a landfill inspector. Young and Board member Terry Ferguson explained the $35-thousand was a figure based off conversations with the DeWitt-Piatt Bi-County Health Department, and also on discussions with Tazewell County.

[audio:boardbudget2.mp3]Young and Ferguson[/audio]

Sherri Brown defended her motion to strike the allocated money for the County Inspector citing the Water Authority and Health Department could work together to pursue a grant without the County getting involved.

[audio:boardbudget4.mp3]A Word From Brown[/audio]

Young felt as though the Water Authority and Health Department working together to pursue a grant would not work because there potentially would not be any grant money until next year.

[audio:boardbudget3.mp3]Brown and Young[/audio]

No motion was carried to strike the allocated $35-thousand dollars for a potential landfill inspector.

The Board approved the budget with a vote of 9-1, with 2 absent Board members and Brown's vote being the "No" vote.

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