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Weldon Springs has recently been showcasing one of its most unique birds.

Hummingbirds are one of the most fascinating birds to look at when visiting the springs.  Throughout the summer, hummingbirds make their home at the park. Carol Thompson, Site Interpreter for Weldon Springs  says she's noticed the same attributes to several of the birds, making her think the same ones may come back year after year. Because of this, the park has hired a hummingbird bander to test the theory.

[audio:hummingbirds1.mp3]A Word From Thompson[/audio]

This process will include catching the hummingbird which is not as easy as it sounds. According to Thompson, the bander has the process of capturing the bird down perfectly. This involves using trap doors in an environment that the birds are accustomed to. 

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Thompson says the experience of picking up a hummingbird is a unique experience.  Becuase of it's light weight, Thompson must be extra careful when handling one. She adds it feels like you are holding a small heartbeat.

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This is the first year for the program and organizers are very anxious to see if the same hummingbirds make their way back to the Springs year after year.

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