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The Monticello school district recently received some positive news.

The Monticello school district made Adequate Yearly Progress, or AYP, this year. Superintendent of Monticello Schools, Dr. Vic Zimmerman explains there are 18 different categories considered for AYP. He says despite the high school did not making AYP, but only 8 of the high schools in Illinois made it this year.

[audio:monticelloayp1.mp3]A Word From Dr. Zimmerman[/audio]

The AYP is based off of standards set by the No Child Left Behind Act, which raises the standards each year. Dr. Zimmerman speculates changes could be on the way, as the standards have become to much too keep up with, and he feels it makes the state look bad with so many schools not meeting AYP.

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Dr. Zimmerman indicates in the past the school has focused on reading at the elementary level. He says their goal has become a 100% reading rate by the time students graduate from 3rd grade.

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After not making the grade last year, the district is pleased with this years results and appreciate the hard work of their teachers and staff.

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