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As previously reported on Regional Radio News, the Maroa-Forsyth Scool District is beginning the process of embarking on a 10-year, 4 phase plan.

Superintendent of Maroa-Forsyth Schools explains this new 10-year plan is on the heels of a 5-year plan that began in 2006 that saw it's goals met.

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Phase one of the plan will include some upgrades around the high school campus, including the building of a greenhouse, and also an 8-lane track and artificial turf to the high school football field, the start time for the project will be dependent on the success of the Maroa-Forsyth football team in the IHSA playoffs.

Phase two will see an addition of 8 classrooms to the high school due to rising enrollment numbers. The second phase is set for the next 3-5 years.

According to Williams, much like the high school, the plan for their grade school is to add another 8 classrooms.

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Williams explains the additions at the grade school will allow them one addition section for grades K thru 5. He says the 2 remaining classrooms will be used for whatever the district has a need for at that time.

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Williams says according to enrollment and past growth, the 3rd phase is about six to nine years off for the district.

Tune into Regional Radio News on Monday for the districts plans for the final phase of their four phase plan.

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