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A October has turned to November, the hunting enthusiasts will certainly be keeping busy in the coming weeks.

For Department of Natural Resources Conservation Police officers, November is a busy time for them with the various seasons going on right now. DNR Conservation Police Officer Ray Wichus says right now is a good time to be a hunter with all the animals in season.

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This time of the season, DNR CPO's get tied up with hunting without permission complaints. Officer Wichus believes a good hunting spot is hard to come by, and he says treat the landowners of that spot very well.

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Wichus sends a friend reminder to hunters to make sure when hunting on public property, to stay on the public property and watch for private property notices and markings.

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DNR Officers have to get a complaint in order to make an arrest or issue a citation. However, officer Wichus stresses the owner of the land must the one to make a complaint that someone is hunting without permission. He says unless it is the land owner, an officer cannot write a citation or make an arrest.

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