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The Warner Public Library can now come right to your door.

The Library has now started a home delivery service to individuals who are unable to leave their homes for one reason or another.  The service is free and the person must live within the library district as well as having a good standing account with the library.  According to Janet Ward, technical services supervisor, any item ranging from book and magazines to dvds can be delivered every 2 weeks.  

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According to Ward, there are close to 15 people that she delivers to regularly. She also visits the nursing home.  There may also be some additional visits made to those who can't get out during the winter.

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Librarian, Bobbi Perryman, says that anyone living within the Clinton community as well as Wapella and Tunbridge Township are eligible to have delivieries made to them at no charge.

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For more  information about this program or other happenings at the library, you can call 935-5174 or visit their website at www.vwarner.org.

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