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Last week, Regional Radio News outlined a new 10-year, 4 phase facility plan for the Maroa-Forsyth School district.

With the first 3 phases being upgrades to the high school and grade school. Superintendent of Maroa-Forsyth schools Mike Williams says the final phase is to build a new elementary building for the district. He says the high school is scheduled to be paid off, and he says the Board of Education would like to approach tax payers to keep the tax rate the same to build the facility.

[audio:newmaroaschool1.mp3]A Word From Williams[/audio]

In 2006, the district embarked on a facility plan that included some minor upgrades to their current elementary building to allow hold it over for approximately another 10 years. He says while the current building has served the district well, they would like to build a new elementary school.

[audio:newmaroaschool2.mp3]A Word From Williams[/audio]

Williams says the district is very fortunate to be in the situation they are in to be able to look to the future and make the upgrades they plan on making. He says the district has tremendous support from the Board of Education, staff members and also those in the community.

[audio:newmaroaschool3.mp3]A Word From Williams[/audio]

According to Williams, upon the completion of the 10-year facility plan, each of the buildings in the district will be under 25-years old, which has been a goal for the Maroa-Forsyth Board of Education.

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