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Clinton High School's Student Council will be putting on a canned food drive all next week.

Student's will be collecting canned food donations, and also cash donations before school and at lunch all next week. Nicole Davis, a Student Council leader at the high school explains the donations are going to support Community Action. She hopes giving students the option for canned food donations or cash donations will increase the support they receive.

[audio:studentfooddrive1.mp3]A Word From Davis[/audio]

Davis felt the kids were looking for ways to make in impact in the community. She says in their role as Student Council members, they are held to a higher standard and should be taking a more active role to help the community.

[audio:studentfooddrive2.mp3]A Word From Davis[/audio]

Each class will have a little extra incentive when donating to the food drive. Davis says the class that raises the most money will receive a donation to their classes funds. Also, each class member will receive passes to athletic events around the high school.

[audio:studentfooddrive3.mp3]A Word From Davis[/audio]

Again, student council members will be collecting both cash and canned donations all week before school and during their lunch periods, and all the donations will go to support Community Action.

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