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As legislators head back to Springfield this week, several issues remain unresolved.

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Michael Madigan announced yesterday he is going to file a motion to override several vetoes Governor Pat Quinn instated, such as the payments of the Regional Superintendents and also the transportation funds. Illinois State Representative Chapin Rose cautions that Madigan may try to work with the Governor to come to a deal everyone involved can be content with.

[audio:vetosession1.mp3]AWord From Rep. Rose[/audio]

Another unresolved issue legislators must deal with is the promised pay raises to AFSCME members, the state's union employees. Rep. Rose applauds Speaker Madigan for restricting the Governor in his ability to allow these pay raises.

[audio:vetosession2.mp3]AWord From Rep. Rose[/audio]

While Illinois faces a long list of past due debts, Rose stresses the cuts the Governor made will not go to pay those debts off, but rather to somewhere else. He feels it would be unnecessary for the governor to undo all the work lawmakers put in to make sure bills began getting paid.

[audio:vetosession3.mp3]AWord From Rep. Rose[/audio]

Rose is confident Regional Superintendent's pay and school's transportation funds can be reinstated as legislators reconvene this week in Springfield.

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