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An annual 4-H event is taking place this week.

The Annual Jr. Leadership Academy is this week. 4th and 5th grade students are meeting after school each day this week in Clinton working on leadership skills and team building skills. Sherry Fulton, the 4-H Youth Development Educator with DeWitt, Piatt, and Macon County University of Illinois Extension Offices explains getting students involved early and learning these skills will definitely help them as they continue to grow up.

[audio:4hacademy1.mp3]Word from Fulton[/audio]

As a result of working in Piatt County, Fulton will now be working with the students of Monticello. She says they have a similar event happening this week over there as well.

[audio:4hacademy2.mp3]Word from Fulton[/audio]

Fulton says the students make things easy for her by getting involved right away without hesitation. She says the students getting involved and taking charge has a lot to do with them wanting to be there and be a part of the program.

[audio:4hacademy3.mp3]Word from Fulton[/audio]

Fulton says it is interesting to watch the kids work during program. She says many times she has to have kids rotate on who is the group leader for a given activity.

The academy goes for the next three weeks after school at Clinton's Webster School.

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