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Clinton Mayor Carolyn Peters is seeking the thoughts of the residents of Clinton regarding a new ordinance the City Council is considering.

At Monday evenings Clinton City Council meeting, Commissioner of Streets and Public Improvements Nan Crang proposed to the Council a new ordinance involving the placement of trash receptacles. She feels placing them on the terrace is sloppy and something needs to be done to change it.

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There are two parts to the proposed ordinance. Mayor of the City of Clinton, Carolyn Peters explains the first involves when those cans can be placed out front, and also when they need to be taken in.

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The second portion of the ordinance involves where the trash cans can be placed in relation to the front of a resident's house. Mayor Peters has taken notice that this may cause some residents some difficulty because of the way their homes were built.

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Mayor Peters says it is these two issues she is asking for feedback regarding. She wants to know if the public feels it is a proper ordinance. She feels the idea behind the ordinance is to eliminate the problem of residents leaving their trash receptacles out longer than necessary.

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Mayor Peters encourages residents to contact herself and Commissioner Crang to express their opinions on the matter. You can contact them through Clinton City Hall at 935-9438.

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