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A technology the City of Clinton has been using will soon be available to all of DeWitt County.

A mass notification system in place for residents of Clinton, which sends alerts to residents in cases of emergencies, will soon be available to residents all over DeWitt County. DeWitt County's 9-1-1 manager Tony Harris says the County is working on putting this system in place, it has been in the works for almost a year, and the system is the same system the City of Clinton is using.

[audio:dewittnotification1.mp3]Word from Harris[/audio]

Harris notes all home telephones will be notified, but he says once the system is available, residents will then have the options to add cell phone numbers, and can receive text messages. Another option will be email.

[audio:dewittnotification2.mp3]Harris on email[/audio]

Harris says funding for the first year of the system has been funded by Exelon. He believes even if Exelon cannot fund it in the future, the system will be around for a while, as it makes the jobs of emergency agencies much easier.

[audio:dewittnotification3.mp3]Word from Harris[/audio]

Harris hopes the notification system will be up and running by January 1 of 2012. He says things have been slow getting off the ground because of funding, but now that they have secured the funding from Exelon, they can move forward with the finishing touches. There will be several ways to access information on the system once it is place.

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