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 width=The Clinton Police Department has a new member of their team.

The Department recently acquired a new dog for their K-9 department. Lasko is a 3-year old male, Belgium Malinois. Clinton Police Chief Mike Reidy explains Lasko will be a full service dog for the department.

[audio:policedog1.mp3]Word from Reidy[/audio]

According to Chief Reidy, training Lasko should not take as long as other dogs. He says the obedience portion of the training has already been taken care of, they just now need to train him to be a police dog.

[audio:policedog2.mp3]Reidy on training[/audio]

The Police Department has had some issues with the previous dogs they have received. Chief Reidy believes Lasko has the potential to be a good police dog for the department.

[audio:policedog3.mp3]Reidy discusses Lasko's potential[/audio]

Lasko's handler will be Officer James McClure. Chief Reidy notes the K-9 car Officer McClure will have has several special features, including if the dog is in the car and the temperature inside the car gets about 85 degrees, the windows will automatically roll down for it.

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