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With Veteran's Day approaching, we pause to honor the sacrifices of our military.

Our country is also trying to make sure our veterans are properly taken care of. Jack Meyers is the Public Affairs Specialist for Social Security, he says many veterans are now eligible to receive social security. He adds many of the Vietnam era vets are now of the age to receive benefits. Since 1957, social security has covered active duty in the military as it would any other profession.

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Myers says since 1988, they began including inactive duties, such as weekend drills. He also says there could be added earnings for those who have served who have their DD 214s. This is good news for veterans who are becoming senior citizens.

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Myers says his office will discuss these issues up front with someone when they apply for social security and they will do anything they can to assist.

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For more information on social security, you can visit www.socialsecurity.gov.

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