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The YMCA is opening their doors to reveal their new look.

There will be an open ouse to show off the newly renovated areas of the facility.  Jann Martin, executive director of the Y, says that there will be many special events happening the day of the open house such as a special dinner, demonstations and waving of the joiner fee. 

[audio:openhouse1.mp3]A Word From Martin[/audio]

Among the new additions is a brand new room downstairs that the public will have access too .Martin says that the Y could become even more of a center for the community through these changes. Changes in the carpeting and floors will allow different groups to benefit from the new facilities like never before.  

[audio:openhouse2.mp3]A Word From Martin[/audio]

The renovations that will be seen at the open house are the results of hard work and community generosity. Martin says the estimated $175-thousand renovations would not be be possible without the support from the community.

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The Open House will take place on Sunday November 13th from 4-7pm.  For more information you can call the YMCA at 935-8307.

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