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The Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington is beginning the early stages of something they have been looking forward to for some time.

The Zoo embarking on the beginning of their master plan, which is an outline for the next 15-20 years of the zoo. Superintendent at the zoo, Jay Tetzloff says they have brought in a couple of outside firms to help them outline their future growth, and that process begins this week.

[audio:zooplan1.mp3]Word from Tetzloff[/audio]

The beginning stages of the plan sees the consultants the zoo has hired making their way to the community to find out what kind of support the zoo has in the community, and if there would be support moving forward. Tetzloff says its a very preliminary part of the plan, but rallying support from the businesses in the community to show them the support they have is a big part of the future.

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The meetings begin today and go through tomorrow. Tetzloff says upon the completion of the consultants making their way into the community, the next step will most likely be ways the zoo wants to grow, he feels bringing in more revenue and becoming less reliant on tax dollars is a big goal of his.

[audio:zooplan3.mp3]Word from Tetzloff[/audio]

The master plan process for the zoo is a six to eight month process. Tetzloff is excited to see where things go for the zoo, especially after a great year the zoo has had.

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