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The Clinton Power Station is continuing its production of a special material.

A couple of years ago, the station entered into an agreement with GE Hitachi to create a radio isotope called "cobalt 60" which is used in medicine to help treat cancer, amongst other things. Communications Manager at the Power Station Bill Harris explains during their current refueling process they are going through, they will be removing the manufactured "cobalt 60" to send to GE Hitachi for testing.

[audio:radioisotopes1.mp3]Word from Harris[/audio]

The "cobalt 60" project has been going on for a couple of years now, but just this year, Harris explains the Power Station has entered into another agreement with GE Hitachi to make a different unique radio isotope who's bi product helps doctors do medical imaging.

[audio:radioisotopes2.mp3]Word from Harris[/audio]

Harris notes the power plant has now gone beyond just creating electricity, they are moving up to become one of very few places that can create unique things to help the medical communities of the US.

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Harris notes the power station is one of only several stations to be manufacturing "cobalt 60" at this time. He says its a great opportunity for them to be a part of projects like these.

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