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Winter may not officially be upon us yet, but it certainly feels like winter.

With the winter months comes snow and accumulated snow. And with accumulated snow comes awareness for safety in the winter months. Clinton Police Chief Mike Reidy has several tips on keeping yourself safe while on the road to avoid accidents, but also should you get stuck in the snow. He says when coming to an intersections on a snowy road, use extra caution and begin braking much sooner than you normally would.

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A habit Chief Reidy encourages motorists to take up during the winter months is to not let your gas tank get below a half of a tank. Should a motorist become stranded with no immediate help on the way, having that extra half tank of gas could certainly come in handy.

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Preparing for an unexpected trip to a ditch or being stuck somewhere is something all motorists should be ready for. Chief Reidy encourages motorists to have an extra set of winter clothes in the car, along with a flashlight and batteries.

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For motorists with rear wheel drive vehicles, Chief Reidy encourages them to put a sand bag or cat litter over the axle of the rear wheels. He says those items can come in handy should the vehicle get stuck because they can be used for traction to get out as well. One last item he encourages motorists to keep in the vehicle is windshield wiper fluid. He says some drivers will go through a half gallon of fluid in one trip trying keep dirt splashing up from the road from vehicles in front.

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