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Christmas time for some can be a time of great anticipation and excitement. For others, it can be a time of great pain and sometimes suffering for various reasons.

Two new members to the Clinton pastoral community will be holding a special event this evening for those may have recently or not so recently lost a loved one. Ben Keller and his wife Samantha recently moved to Clinton as the new pastors at Clinton's Presbyterian Church. Ben says so far things are going well, and the community has been very welcoming to him and his family.

[audio:griefservice1.mp3]A Word From Pastor Keller[/audio]

Tonight those who are feeling some sort of grief or pain have an opportunity to be a part of a special service at the Presbyterian Church. Pastor Keller explains the service is for anyone dealing with any sort of grief to come and be a part of. He hopes they can find a small bit of healing in what is on tap for tonight.

[audio:griefservice2.mp3]A Word From Pastor Keller[/audio]

Dealing with those feeling grief and hurt is nothing new for Pastor Keller. He has a very experienced background in helping those dealing with someone who has passed on or someone who is ill. He hopes tonight he can use that experience to provide healing and comfort.

[audio:griefservice3.mp3]A Word From Pastor Keller[/audio]

The service tonight gets underway at 6 pm and anyone from any denomination is invited to be a part of it. Pastor Keller says it is a unique service with a different mood and goal behind it during what can be a difficult time of year for some.

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