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With the year coming to a close, it would seem logical to look back on the previous year or years, but one school district is instead looking to the future.

The Monticello school district has begun early steps in assessing the future of their facilities. Dr. Vic Zimmerman, Superintendent of the Monticello School District explains the buildings they are currently using are very old, but well kept. He says the school Board of Education is considering what the future could hold for renovations of those buildings, or even, new buildings.

[audio:monticellofacilities1.mp3]Dr. Zimmerman On Monticello Looking To Future[/audio]

Dr. Zimmerman feels instead of just looking into renovating the current buildings, he would like to think a little bigger. But he says anything and everything is currently on the table. Right now they are just trying to figure where they stand with their current situation.

[audio:monticellofacilities2.mp3]Dr. Zimmerman On Current Process[/audio]

The school is operating 5 buildings currently, which breaks down to about 2 grades per building. Dr. Zimmerman feels combining school buildings is something he would like to have considered, although he is open to hearing out all the options first.

[audio:monticellofacilities3.mp3]Dr. Zimmerman's Thoughts On Combining Buildings[/audio]

All these plans and ideas are very early on in the development stage. Dr. Zimmerman stresses right now the district is just exploring options for the future. No decisions have been made, and they are not at the decision making stage yet either. He feels it could be about 8-10 years off before anything is a reality.

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