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With New Year's Eve celebrations planned or being planned, local officials are

reminding everyone to practice safe habits this year.

Clinton Police Chief Mike Reidy says New Year's eve is becoming a holiday where his

officer's are issuing fewer and fewer DUI's. He says New Year's Eve and the 4th of

July are the holidays where the most drinking takes place throughout the year. He adds

even though DUI numbers are down, there will be extra officers on patrol.

 [audio:newyearsevedrinking1.mp3]Chief Reidy[/audio]

 First time offenders for DUI's punishments are getting more and more severe. Chief

Reidy explains for a first time offender, they lose their license and are subject to

breathalizers in their vehicles.

 [audio:newyearsevedrinking2.mp3]First DUI Offense[/audio]

The cost associated with the breathalizer devices in vehicles are extremely high. Chief

Reidy says the cost associated with those can be one time charges to monthly fees. He

says there are then other costs associated with it that get put back into the

department that issued the DUI to purchase equipment.

 [audio:newyearsevedrinking3.mp3]Severe Cost[/audio]

Should a driver have their license taken away and they then choose to drive while under

the influence again, Chief Reidy says the Police Department could even take the driver's

car away and they will go to jail a second time. He says the department will find some

use for the car upon it being taken, whether they sell it or use it or find other means

for it.

 [audio:newyearsevedrinking4.mp3]Repeat Offenders[/audio]

Chief Reidy encourages anyone drinking on New Year's to designate someone to be their

designated driver. Reidy says often perks come along with being the DD. He says many

times bars will provide free non-alcoholic beverages for the designated driver.

One time a year on New Year's Eve, the Clinton Police department will provide a free

service where they will come and give anyone who has had too much to drink a free ride

to their home. Chief Reidy says this is to encourage those celebrating the New Year to

be safe and not get behind the wheel of a vehicle under the influence. For more

information, you can call the Police Department at 935-9441.







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