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 width=The duration and conclusion of Thursday's DeWitt County Board meeting saw no one fill the vacant District B seat once again.

There was no agenda item regarding the vacant seat for the September 11th meeting however, board member David Newberg made a personal statement regarding the issue towards the end of the meeting. He challenged Board Chair Sherrie Brown why she hadn't filled the late Tom Pruser's seat after 75 days, when Illinois statute gives 60 days. He requests Brown step down and allow Vice-Chair Pete Daugherty to appoint Christy Pruser.

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Brown argues she called the State Board of Elections and they only would like the seat to be filled after 60 days. She shared pointed words with State's Attorney Karle Koritz and Board Member Sue-May Witted over her attempts to contact Pruser.

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When Newberg attempted to have Brown answer his questions she moved to adjourn the meeting but several board members continued to argue despite the motion, even a number of audience members made their opinions known. The meeting was adjourned despite not officially being approved, but Danny Ballenger and Camille Redman continued the argument with Brown.

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The Board seat has been vacant since June 26, or 77 days. The DeWitt County Republican Central Committee has been pressuring Brown to appoint Pruser's widow, Christy, to the seat.

The meeting also saw the Board unanimously approve the resolution in support of Salveo Health and Wellness' Medical Marijuana Cultivation Facility. Board Members Doug Tucker and Ron Savage were absent Thursday.

Stay tuned to Regional Radio News for further coverage of Thursday's meeting including the approval of a special budget meeting this coming Tuesday.

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