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Yesterday, abrupt and impactful news came to the DeWitt County Friendship Center that services through PATH would no longer be provided.


DeWitt County Friendship Center Executive Director Sissy Leggett went before the DeWitt County Board to essentially plead for action from the County to in some way help them subsidize the services lost.



According to Leggett, the Friendship Center is looking at ways to keep the position of senior outreach worker in their office space. Leggett says the options all require funding from the State of Illinois.



DeWitt County Board Chair David Newberg and Vice-Chair Camille Redman had totally sympathy on the situation at hand but noted the County has their hands tied with the combination of the State's disasterous affairs and the evolving Exelon situation.



Newberg says these types of services are available in a lot of places and indicated the Board would start to seek out what options were available. Redman concluded the discussion telling Leggett, quote-"we'll do what we can."



At the last census, around 25% of DeWitt County's population were senior citizens and Leggett estimates hundreds of residents across the county rely on the services provided by their outreach worker.


She calls the loss of the PATH senior services "devastating".

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