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Teachers and students in the Clinton district were surprised Thursday afternoon when representatives from the Clinton Community Education Foundation (CCEF) showed up in various classrooms to award their annual teacher grants.
Over $5000 went into this year's classrooms and Barbara Gullone, with the CCEF indicates that number is low, though over all, they were very pleased with the ideas teachers had for their classrooms this year.
Picture below: (left to right) CCEF's Ruth Lowers, Amanda Brady, BOE Liason Nancy Stokowski, CCEF's Barbara Gullone
First grade science teacher Amanda Brady says her class will be bringing in an incubator to watch chicken eggs hatch.
Picture below: left to right: CCEF's Barbara Gullone, Rebecca Howell, BOE Liason Nancy Stokowski, CCEF's Ruth Lowers
Third grade teacher Rebecca Howell indicates her class is going to be upgrading some of their learning based math resources with their grant.
Special education teacher at Clinton Elementary School, Autumn Kenney has to print off books for her students to read which doesn't allow them to take home a traditional book with color for pictures. She explains now they will have traditional books to take home.
Pictured below: (Left to right) Mrs. Kenney, Stokowski, Lowers and Gullone
Laura Molitoris and Monica Kessinger are fourth grade teachers at CES and Kessinger indicates their grant will allow their students to take field trips while staying in the classroom.
Pictured Below: (Left to right) Lowers, Gullone, Stokowski, Mrs. Molitoris, Mrs. Kessinger
One of the grants will support the fifth grade students in through their DARE curriculum. According to Eric Douglas, students who attend a certain amount of DARE classes then graduate are going to have a paid trip to a Normal Cornbelters baseball game thanks to the CCEF teacher grants. 
Pictured below: (Left to right) Gullone, Mr. Douglas, Lowers, Stokowski
High School Art Teacher Tracie Manning says she is purchasing studio lighting for her photo class.
Pictured below: (Right to left) Lowers, Mrs. Manning, Stokowski, Gullone
Ray Karcher teaches in the industrial arts department at Clinton High School and received a grant to help pay for equipment for his students taking an automotive class.
Pictured below: Lowers, Stokowski, Mr. Karcher, Gullone
Junior high teacher Ginger Morgan also received a teacher grant, however, she was absent Thursday during the presentations. Her grant is going towards demonstrations of osmosis processes in the classroom.
Grant award totals ranged from $80 all the way up to $1000, which the maximum amount classrooms can receive.

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