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The vacation season is in full swing and the Clinton Police Department reminds area residents they offer a free program to keep a close watch over your home while you may be away from home.
Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers says if you provide them with your address and some other basic information, they will keep watch over your home while you enjoy time away from home.
To ensure your home doesn't become the target of someone who might intend to break into your home, the Chief says doing simple things like having someone pick up your mail or having your mail stopped through the post office is a simple way to eliminate the potential of such an occurrence.
While posting memories on social media is a lot of the fun of taking a vacation, the Chief reminds those away that those posts can be accessed by anyone and can be a giveaway of your absence from your home.
To contact the Department about their home watch program, contact them at 217-935-9441. 

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