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The Coalition for Brighter Futures, which serves DeWitt County, is in its third year of a five year grant to educate people about and prevent underage drinking.
According to Assistant State's Attorney, Lars Dunn, the underage drinking statistics in DeWitt County are staggering.
Dunn adds that scare tactics are more useful in preventing the use of harder drugs, but it's more difficult to get those tactics to work with drinking because of the familiarity surrounding alcohol in our culture. The coalition's goal is to get parents to talk to their kids about the dangers of consuming alcohol.
Usually, for a first time offense, community service is enough to stop the offender from drinking again, but if it's not, the punishments only get worse and more expensive.
The Coalition for Brighter Futures is looking for members of the community, especially those who work with and have influence with community youths to help them in their objective. If you'd like to reach out, they encourage you to call Divah Griffin at (217) 570-0198.

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